Why Become a Boudie Babe?

Body image is so important to me. It is something I have struggled my whole life with. Even when I was a cute little size 1, eons ago, I always felt that I wasn't skinny or pretty enough. Three amazing children have come into my life since then. And no longer am I that tiny, cute little thing of days gone by. Body changes, feet widening, stretch marks everywhere. It takes its toll on how I feel about me some days.

Now, bring on my 40's! Somewhere after having kids, and battling weight issues as a result of medications, I have finally been able to feel good about me, and my own skin. Mind you, a few tattoos haven't hurt either. And for those who know me, each one tells a story. My story. It took a lot of mindset change, and learning to be me, to get that way though.

We all have days when we struggle...but it really is about finding your inner goddess (or god), your inner vixen and letting her out to shine!

So, why a Boudie Babe? As a photographer, I have to chance to help other women, and men, to find the beauty they may not see in themselves. I get to capture that essence for them. And we have a lot of fun doing it. My goal is to make you smile, and love the skin you are in...just as I have learned to do in mine.

"The Badass Photo Chick"

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