Where Has the Time Gone???

I honestly just realized that it has been two months since I last did some writing. I am SOOOOO sorry...it's been a bit crazy! Product promotional sessions, family sittings in the beautiful fall colors, and last but totally not least...I have "gone back to school"!

I have been so lucky to build such amazing relationships with all of my clients. Business building has been a fun and crazy process, and I have now embarked in some in depth training to give you the absolute best experience I can, especially in the beloved Boudoir!

I have also been partnering with some amazing businesses...here is a little write up I did for one of them. I hope it gives you a better insight to my passion, of helping people see that inner beauty, that they may not always see...

"Photography has always been one of my favorite artistic mediums. My dad got me my first camera body, so we could share all of his lenses, when I was just a kid. We spent countless family vacation taking photos of EVERYTHING!

Fast forward to my young adulthood. Rummaging around in my grandmothers attic, I found countless boxes of photos dating back to the early 1900's. To go along with all of the family genealogy work I had done, my mom and gramma took the time to write on these photos, so that no one would forget who or what they were of. Some of these are photos I have hanging on my office wall today. In the era of digital media, it is so easy to lose our photos. I have even taken time to print photos from the last 20 years, diligently, to ensure my kids have them for years to come.

Now, how did I get into Boudoir photography? After my mom passed, I had a co-workers photographer friend ask for models. I was in a terrible place then, dealing with severe depression and anxiety, and was on disability leave. But I volunteered anyhow. I had heard of how empowering seeing ones self in sheer raw, exposed beauty can be. It was so true. It wasn't by any means the one single thing that helped me get to where I am today, but it really helped. To this day, when I feel down about me, I look at my three kids (my oldest just having won his battle with cancer) and all of my family photographs that I surround myself with, and of course, those beautiful photos of me. They keep me going. My only regret is that I was unable to get them printed professionally at the time. Digitals are great, but they so often become lost, or are stored on media that becomes obsolete, or lost completely when ones computer crashes.

Offering Boudoir photography as the biggest part of my business has become a way to give back a little. To have a person come into my studio and be able to bring out a side they have never seen of themselves is such a gift ( I say person, as Boudoir is for everyone...women, men, couples, and no matter what how you identify). Often, there are tears of joy. It is pretty amazing. This is also why I primarily offer books and prints. To be able to look back easily, and at any time one needs, to be reminded of how beautiful they are, or what obstacles they have overcome, to get to where they are today...priceless!"

Yes!!! I love what I do. Passion gives me inspiration, and I pass that onto you...my beautiful people! Mwah!


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