Family Rules! The Update...

2017 ended with a boom. Life hit our family and sent us all for a loop that, especially myself, as a mom, never thought should ever happen. My oldest son was diagnosed with Hogkins Lymphoma before new years. Yes, the big “C”…cancer. No way in hell should a 22 year old EVER have to deal with this shit. But it happened. Even though prognosis is really good for full remission…it still shakes you up right down to the fibers of your very being, and makes you sit back and re-evaluate your life.
And of course, what does this mom do? I tell all my kids that I need family pictures. Thus, our New Years eve, we did just that. Thankfully we had a fellow photographer in our midst to help out.
I know I say it is important to capture your memories every single day to my clients, but this all makes it hit home. Don’t wait. Take random family moments. Have portraits taken of your family that you can past down through the generations. And PRINT THEM OUT!!! I have family photos from over 100 years ago. I have added a lot more to them as of late. And I write on them, so the names are never lost.
And tell the people who are important to you that you love and treasure them every single day.

As of August 30, 2018, after months of chemotherapy and a lot of time from work, life and a lot of insanity, I am happy to report that Wyatt is officially cancer free. No, there aren't any guarantees that the cancer won't come back, but really what guarantees are there in life?

For now we celebrate! We live life as if each day is our last. We not only catch up on our bucket list, but embrace out "fuck it" list. Life is too short...just embrace it, no matter what!

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