Body Beautiful

So I Googled “Beauty” today. The definition worked for me…until I saw the text “denoting something intended to make a woman more attractive.” A woman, specifically, in relation to attractiveness. It’s no wonder that society has a very skewed ideology of what true beauty really is. 

From a very young age, young children are taught that when something or someone is deemed beautiful, it tends to primarily focus on that which is only seen on the outside. If what you see has a scar, a rough patch, a hair out of place…that is imperfect. Stretch marks (or what I affectionately refer to as Tiger Stripes), or a body part that just doesn’t sit in the position it did in our youth is are far less than desirable. This shows that is less than perfect, and no longer a thing of beauty.

Media, especially that of the social variety, enforces this opinion. The outside must be flawless. There must be perfect symmetry. While scientifically, it is proven that is advantageous, it isn’t for beauty’s sake, but rather for ideal reproductive conditions. 

In my opinion, true beauty is a combination of what is on the outside as well as what comes from within. Do you take care of your body? Do you feed your soul? Do these things make you a better person? Are you giving your being everything to be your best? To me, these are the factors that influence beauty.

In an effort to capture the essence of Body Beautiful, I have set forth to create a gallery with the human form. One that can be looked upon as capturing the beauty we may not see, as well as what we take for granted. No one is perfect. My goal is to help make this ok…one Tiger Stripe at a time!

(Originally posted October 5, 2017)

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