And True Love Blossoms…

…And the bromance will have to step aside! Sorry Trevor. 📷

This past weekend, I not only had the amazing experience of watching my daughter and her boyfriend of many years become husband and wife, but the pleasure of being asked to help capture these moments. I’ve never thought of becoming a wedding photographer, but there was something different about it I had never expected. To watch the magic of two people so completely in love through a different set of eyes was captivating.

Sure it is great to be able to make the world come to life, like I have done in so many other instances, but to become part of the intimate world of laughter, tears of joy, and ultimate adoration between Desiray and Josh was very new…even though it had really been right in front of my eyes for years.

Needless to say, that without a doubt, I will happily be that wedding photographer for more than just family and friends. If I can help to capture the love and joy for the rest of the world, consider this avenue “open for business”!

.(Originally posted June 15, 2017)

Oh the Bromance....

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