A Private Affair

For the Couples Only


My newest offering..."A Private Affair" is a 3 hour session for the couple looking for a story to be told. The date night out, the flirtation, and finally the seduction. Geared to all couples, this session includes one make-up application (a second can be added for a small fee), 1-2 outfit changes (typically starting as formal and

reducing clothes from there),  post-session viewing and ordering, and a $100 product credit towards any regular priced collection or Al a Carte Item.


Session can be held in my private studio (which can accommodate large scale props such as motorcycles or even vehicles). Or at a hotel. This just depends on your desires. Ie. If you want to have a session where you can partake in some champagne, or end in a shower, then let's splurge on a hotel (that cost is up to you, but locale must be approved pre-session).


And then the fun part, choosing your memories! Let us know if you prefer single prints or artwork, or something absolutely grand, as I have some special photo collections, specific for couples shoots. 



(Prices include shoot on my location, other locations $50 extra. Mileage may apply for locations outside of city limits)









Date Night Notes:


For Both of You: Think full going out on a date outfit, this could be as formal and as casual as you like. It is nice to have a tie to play with and button shirt that you can undo slowly for photos. Also, a dress that has a zipper or buttons help. Think about the undressing part.
For him: Keep the underwear simple, nothing too loud or too much pattern. Black or white underwear is always good. Bring a couple of options just in case.

For her: Bring at least two full lingerie outfits. One that has stockings as part of the ensemble looks awesome under the dress. Another that you love.  Wax at least two days before to avoid sensitivity. If spray tanning, use the smallest underwear possible and go topless.  A manicure and pedicure is a great idea (red or pink photographs super well). It is nice to have your hair done the day before so as not to look too done, or just have it in soft loose curls. You will have a full makeup application with fake eyelashes, so please come with a clean face. This will all look amazing in photos, trust me!

For him: Shave earlier in the day, and if you have closed beard and prefer to be clean shaven you can shave while we are getting ready.
I truly don’t think men need to shave all over, but trim groin area and shave other parts like the back or chest only if you like the way it looks and feels comfortable. Also, come with a clean face, as a quick touch up of concealer and powder may be applied.

While we are getting ready, this is a great time to show me photos you saved for inspiration. This way we can try to incorporate your desires into our shoot. We can also do some solo shots before the couple ones, but it is nice to start fully dressed.

In this type of shoot, it is nice to have sort of a story line, like arriving at the hotel, making out in the elevator or hallway and then the undressing.

Please remember, these are NOT an erotic shoot. 


Frequently Asked Questions for the Couples

1. How long does the shoot last? About three hours, from powdering your nose to your image viewing and ordering.

2. Do you have an assistant? The shoot part it's just me, but there is always somebody at hand, either my MUA or assistant are on site.

3. Do you do nudes? Yes, I can shoot you both partially nude. I find it more tasteful and in general to do things in a more suggestive manner during a couples shoot.

4. I am not exactly the model fit, can I still do partial nudes? Yes, we highlight the best parts and work around the others. And of course, to make you compliment each other.

5. Do you describe/chastise during the shoot ? No. I direct the session as I would do a boudoir for women. I am looking out for your best angles. I do not follow scripts.

6. Do you help with posing?  Why yes I do. I show you all you need to do.  The best thing you can do is practice your facial expression and embraces in front of a mirror. It feels silly, but you will feel silly here anyways.

7. How long do you keep my files? FIles are kept on my computer for six months. So you can make an appointment to add to your order at anytime within this window. 

8. How long till I get my order? Low season - meaning not too close to Christmas or Valentine's Day - you should recieve your order within 4-6 weeks after full payment is recieved. It may be up to 2 weeks later at peak times. But I will give you estimate at time of order.

9. What is the extent of the retouching? Retouching includes: background (any cable, carpet piece, door knob), skin smoothing (stretch marks, lumps, bumps, bruises, blemishes), face (under eye area,skin and teeth brightening), body (smoothing extra skin, aka the "roll")

I tend to have a light touch. It is still you but a bit enhanced. You can request more retouching after you see them (an extra charge may apply).

10. I am nervous, can I bring some alcohol?  Unfortunately, due to the new liquor laws, I cannot allow alcohol or any other substance into a studio shoot.

11. Where is your studio located? My studio is nestled on eastside Saskatoon, just a quick walk from the river and Forestry Farm. It is located in my residence, so if you have any pet allergies, please bring that to my attention. My studio is pet free, but the adjoining areas are not. :-)

And lastly my privacy policy... if you have not signed a model release, I will not post your photos. If you give me permission, I will only use them in a manner that you are comfortable with. And will be ever thankful! :-)