Behind the Lens

I have loved photography since I was old enough to hold a camera. It was my Dad who bought me my first film Pentax, and let me share all of his lenses and filters. He taught me everything I needed know about photography as a child, and how to make it magical!

My world is full of photographs. It records our life, our journey, our history. In this world of Snapchat and Instagram, to me it is more important than ever to permanently capture our moments.

I specialize in portraiture of all styles, boudoir, concerts and live event photography. My goal, is to bring whimsy and fun to everything I do, and includes the art I create for you.

I am a home based professional photographer in Saskatoon, SK.  Your world is my canvas.

Let me make your moments come to life!


A click of the shutter, a crank of the film,

and you’ve caught forever a significant bit of life.

~Willis Peterson,

“A Philosophy of Seeing,”

Arizona Highways, May 1973